Monthly Archives: March 2013

Gears of Death: “Don’t Judge”-ment Montage

Not the best at Gears of War Judgment in multiplayer, so the best I could think to piece together is a Death Montage. I started out just trying to montage death from the Gnasher Shotgun and Frags, but I realized that, even in all my complaining of how unbalanced those weapons were this time around, I suck anyway! I’ll get…

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Defiance Beta Testing on Xbox Live | How to Beta Test and Keep Getting Invites

Let’s Play some Defiance on Xbox. This is the Beta and not a final product as you can see in a few moments during Braz’s gameplay. The game is on par with Borderlands and although it starts off slow, does keep you interested and ends up being a bit of fun. Check it out! — source

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