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Maincast Ep 835 “Call of Duty Dubs Squared”

Maincast Ep 835 gathers Braz, N3rdG1rL, LEM, and Mr. OOP in a room to talk the news of the week. We touch on the upcoming Xbox One X, the recently announced Razer Phone, and Call of Duty WWII. No countdown is needed because on 25% of the crew will be playing it. How do you feel about the latest COD…

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Loading Screen Ep 3 – Steal Her Gems

We bring Board Game week to October in this episode of Loading Screen. Because loading screens are what we see when we play games, we start off with Around the Room and dive into our time with Mario + Rabbids, have a great conversation about A Hat in Time and N3rdG1rl drops her frustrations with the new Minecraft update. For…

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Top 5 2017 Games We Are Still Waiting to Play

Braz, N3rdG1rL & Doc sit down to give you their top 5 games to round out 2017. Did your anticipated title make the list? Leave your comments below! We’ll be sharing them on an upcoming episode of the Maincast! Hope you Enjoy this video! Like it? Want more? Then give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to Subscribe!…

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