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Welcome to 2018, everyone!  We’re so happy you made it!  2017 was rough for a lot of people, but it looks like a lot of us made it through! A lot of progress has been made here at the lounge! My office is blue!  I know, that’s not really relevant to anyone else, but I’m excited and just needed to…

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New Show!  New Chair!  New Presents!!!

We’re back from our little holiday break and there’s lots of new, if you couldn’t already tell from the title. We have a new (semi) daily show called Yesterday at Lunch where we cover yesterday’s news and any big news that happened in the morning!  Braz will be hosting that and you can expect to see me popping in and…

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Network Issues and How We Solve Them

So if you have watched our stream, particularly the Maincast, the past two weeks you’ve seen we’ve been having terrible internet issues. Today is the day that begins to get fixed! That, my friends, is fresh off the spool fiber optic cable. Thanks to our friends at Everstream, we now will have the capability to have 1 GB fiber running…

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My  Point Of View!

Braz doesn’t let you see things from fun angles, so while he’s streaming Call of Duty, here’s what I’m seeing! It’s coming along!  

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Coming Along!

How has everyone been!?  It’s been extremely exciting here at the lounge!  Not only was Braz’s birthday Saturday, if you watched last week’s abbreviated Maincast, you saw our surprise! We broadcasted from our new studio!!!  We usually start the show on Thursday around 8:30 EST, but this show didn’t start until after 11:00.  We don’t have our actual internet connection…

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It Has Begun!

Well, we just made our big announcement on our Maincast, and oh my god the love has been amazing!  Braz and I cannot convey how much the support means to us!  We are so excited to have you all along for the ride. Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way…. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!  Step…

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