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this was uploaded in the MMO entertainment facebook page, but unfortunately they deleted this and canceled the uploading of the full video of this because of haters etc… This video was supposed their way of saying thanks to the fans that supported the MMO boys. source

Read more Podcast – Episode 105: MMO Relaunches, ESO Morrowind, BDO, & More

Episode 105 of the weekly podcast! TimeStamps in Description! Download the Audio Only version at: Timestamps: 0:30 Weekly Raid Are You Tired Of Old MMORPG Re-Launches? 4:20 Dekaron Discussion 7:50 Conan Exiles Still Only Supports 40 Players 12:19 Great Skill Effects and Visual Cues in MMORPGs 15:49 Ashes of Creation up to 2.7M 19:30 Elder Scrolls Morrowind Discussion…

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1Life2Play Reacts to Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer – The Next BIG MMO?

After the crew sees the latest Destiny 2 gameplay trailer, they gives their impressions on what the next entry in the series could hold for players. The discussion leads to us questioning, does Destiny have the legs of a true MMO? Listen in on the conversation and leave your thoughts on the trailer below! — Watch live at source

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Mid Game Night #2: Destiny – Rise of Iron w/ BRAZ

Haven’t seen us play Destiny in a while, so Braz thought it would be nice to jump back into some Heroic Strikes for this episode of Mid Game Night! Mid-Game-Night is the 1Life2Play series that catches members of the crew in the middle of a play through in various games at Midnight (or in the middle of a long night),…

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My Top 10 MMORPG Games Of 2016

My Top 10 MMORPGs of 2016 In this video I countdown what I believe to be the current top 10 best MMOs as of the end of 2016, this list does not feature early access games and are based on a mixture of first impressions and extensive playtime, obviously my top 10 will be different to your own top 10…

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Is The MMORPG Genre Dying?

MMORPG games seem to have been in decline for quite some time now, World Of Warcraft is no where near as popular as it used to be, many MMOs have died and been shut down and we haven’t really seen anything revolutionary in the Genre to bring people back that have lost interest, I’ve read thousands of comments from MMORPG…

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New MMORPG With Lots Of Potential! – Forsaken Legends (First Look)

To Support Forsaken Legends – Forsaken Legends is an MMORPG that very few people have heard about and it’s an incredibly ambitious project, This MMO plans to have a world infinite in size by using procedural generation which is something I don’t think has ever been attempted before in an MMORPG, They also want procedural dungeons, world bosses, raids,…

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