1Life2Play Maincast Ep. 820  – Will Nintendo Win 2017 Without 4K?

In this episode of the Maincast we are joined by a new member of the crew, Calie! Calie breaks down her gaming habits in Around the Room including her love for the Mama of all games. Braz finds a new game that he shares with LEM and Mr_OOP may or may not have played some LoL. Later on, Braz learns…

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1Life2Play Maincast 814 – COD WW2 Reactions, New 2DS XL, Prey Demo

COD WW2 Reactions, New 2DS XL, Prey Demo The crew is back and even though we love the new we can’t get enough of the old! We dive back into our conversation about memorable video games and how they’ve shaped us as gamers today. In Around the Room, there’s a common theme among the crew and it leads right into…

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1Life2Play Maincast LIVE! Ep  811

It’s episode 811 with the crew of 1Life2Play and we’re all back in studio to discuss what we’ve been playing, the week’s news and everything in between. This week’s topic, we look back on what an amazing 1st quarter in gaming in 2017 and what it means for the year’s outlook. Thanks for watching and be sure to hit that…

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