Maincast Episode 832 – This Time With 100% News

Our new revamped Maincast is filled with news discussion and debate – and that’s it! Yay! This week we talk about the new AtariBox and how it might fit into the landscape of home consoles. Put an end to the “sprite fight” and find out if Yoshi was the victim of an abusive relationship with Mario, declare the best fighting…

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Nintendo Direct 9-13-17 Impressions

Doc and Braz sit down to discuss their thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct from September 13, 2017. Kirby gets a surprise buy-in from Braz, we get to check out Project Octopath Traveler and some more Mario Odyssey in our Latest Trailers and find out why Bethesda has made Doc’s year! Don’t forget to stick around for our WTF from…

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1Life2Play Maincast Ep. 829 – Board Game Week!

Destiny 2 on PC? The crew decided last week that Destiny 2 would be a PS4 buy for our crew Fireteam, but will the release cause someone to get 2 copies? In Around the Room, Doc talks Everybody’s Golf and some Mario + Rabbids, while Braz relates the essence of Mass Effect Andromeda to every video game known to man!…

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Maincast Episode 827 – That NBA Team from Vermont

This week we talk about the new NBA Live 18 Demo and how it may stack up against NBA 2K18, changes to Xbox Live Achievements and what they mean for video games in general, plus Joe Scarborough’s remarks on Twitter about the current generation of gamers. We play round 5 of Real or Fake and regular viewer Swigglers jumps in…

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1Life2Play MAINCAST Ep. 822 LIVE! Call In for Trivia Giveaway!

The whole crew is in the house to discuss the Destiny 2 Beta start date, gaming facts you need to know and Cuphead! We take your calls and answer the questions you asked Chair last week! From time to time, of course, we take a gaming interruption. So, sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the magic of 1Life2Play source

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Braz Attackz   Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed, Blame Scorpio?

Braz drops what he’s thinking regarding the recent news of Red Dead Redemption being delayed by Rockstar. He might know why, but isn’t too sure. What do you guys think about Red Dead being delayed? Drop a comment! (sorry for the “pops”! working on getting a pop filter for the yeti!”) Hope you Enjoy this video Like it? Want more?…

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