Time2Play: League of Legends with Thresh support

Join as I support bottom lane in this epic battle on summoners rift 5v5 showdown! Watch live at Thanks for following, subscribing and being involved...

Time2Play Yorick the Undertaker

Playing Yorick top lane being a tank and causing havok!

Time2Play Assassin’s Creed 3 Part 1 – 4 / 5

Braz plays through the first hour of Assassin's Creed III. Pls comment and like. -- source

Time2Play Destiny The Taken King

taken king

Devil Dealin’ Part 2 – Cuphead Time2Play

Ugh, the frustration! This is the one with the bouncing blueberry. It's a blueberry, right?! source

Time2Play – House of Wolves – The Kell of Kells

The Kell of Kells - House of Wolves Quest Follow Skolas as he moves through the Ishtar Sink on Venus Quest Description: Track Skolas and his crew...

Time2Play: Song of the Deep [Part 3]

And now for part 3 of our Time2Play with Song of the Deep on Xbox One. Braz and LEM last left off finding a...

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Time2Play Part 6

Braz is still going strong! At some point in this playthrough, Braz realizes that he is only halfway through the game. All the climbing...

Time2Play: Song of the Deep [Part 1]

1Life2Play LIVE is back! Tonight we play Song of the Deep on Xbox One. -- Watch live at source

TIME2PLAY: The VoliBear Top lane

I pretty much crush my adversaries in the brawler match up in League of Legends Thanks for following, subscribing and being involved in what...

Time2Play HoTS – Drank and Play w/ Braz

Braz plans on getting some time in tonight with HoTS! source

Time2Play The Division – Mission Completion

Braz tackles another mission in Tom Clancy's The Division. Sitting at level 22 currently, still trying to make it to 30 and then spend...

Time2Play Destiny with LEM & Braz

Destiny Time2Play

Time2Play – Destiny House of Wolves – The Shadow Thief Quest

The Shadow Thief - House of Wolves Quest Hunt down Taniks, the Scarred on the Moon Quest Description: Most Fallen worship machines. It seems the Taniks, with...

Destiny Dailies – A Visit to Xur and Some Crucible

Braz jumps back on Destiny 2 servers, even though baboon keeps kicking him, to go visit Xur in the EDZ. What does he have...

[ENG] Mass Effect post-update! Braz Time2Play

Multistreaming with source