Time2Play GTA 5 – Stunt Jumping in Sandy Shores – Stunt...

Hanging out in the countryside of Los Santos, we figured we'd pull of some stunt jumps to pass the time. We visit Sandy Shores...

[ENG] Mass Effect post-update! Braz Time2Play

Multistreaming with source

Time2Play Assassin’s Creed 3 Part 1 – 5 / 5

Braz plays through the first hour of Assassin's Creed III. Pls comment and like. -- source

TIME2PLAY: The VoliBear Top lane

I pretty much crush my adversaries in the brawler match up in League of Legends Thanks for following, subscribing and being involved in what...

Time2Play Yorick the Undertaker

Playing Yorick top lane being a tank and causing havok!

Time2Play – Heroes of the Storm – No Deaths with Muradin

LarryBraz plays Heroes of the Storm with Muradin and doesn't die once. Achieves highest team XP Contribution as well! source

Special Delivery: Time2Play Sunset Overdrive – Top Clips

Braz gives a glimpse into what he's been up to in Sunset Overdrive. A few nice clips and back to gaming. Be sure to...

Time2Play HoTS – Braz plays Quests

Braz plays through some quests. Starting off against some A.I. then on to Quick Matches source

Time2Play Destiny The Taken King


Time2Play GTA 5 Episode 4 – Fame or Shame

Trevor makes his grand appearance into Michael's falsified life and they immediately team together in an effort to help sweet little Tracey... Grand Theft Auto...

Time2Play HoTS – Drank and Play w/ Braz

Braz plans on getting some time in tonight with HoTS! source

Time2Play Rocket League with THE CREW

We get our asses handed to us in some Rocket League on PS4. It was a miserable time but hey you'll enjoy watching it!...

Time2Play Destiny The Taken King – The First Hour

Braz dives into Destiny: The Taken King right at launch and plays the opening missons, after running around for a reintroduction to the Tower...

Time2Play God of War Ascension #7 – Puzzle Time [Let’s Play]

It's time to play God of War Ascension and in the episode, we encounter our first true puzzle. It took a while to figure...

Time2Play: Song of the Deep [Part 1]

1Life2Play LIVE is back! Tonight we play Song of the Deep on Xbox One. -- Watch live at source

Time2Play Destiny The Taken King