Time2Play Destiny with LEM & Braz

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Time2Play Destiny The Taken King

taken king

Time2Play Destiny The Taken King – CAYDE’S STASH, BATTLE WITH ECHO...

Braz continues on into The Taken King and plays a quick mission title Cayde's Stash that takes us back to a familiar yet expanded...

Time2Play Destiny The Taken King – The First Hour

Braz dives into Destiny: The Taken King right at launch and plays the opening missons, after running around for a reintroduction to the Tower...

Time2Play: Omega Squad Te emo League of Legends

Watch live at or Thanks for following, subscribing and being involved in what we do! GAME ON, 1-LIFERS!!! Producer: Mr_OOP Follow Mr_OOP on Twitter: Subscribe to...

Time2Play Rocket League with THE CREW

We get our asses handed to us in some Rocket League on PS4. It was a miserable time but hey you'll enjoy watching it!...

Time2Play HoTS – Braz plays Quests

Braz plays through some quests. Starting off against some A.I. then on to Quick Matches source

Time2Play HoTS – Drank and Play w/ Braz

Braz plans on getting some time in tonight with HoTS! source


Braz plans on getting some time in tonight with HoTS! source

Time2Play – Heroes of the Storm – No Deaths with Muradin

LarryBraz plays Heroes of the Storm with Muradin and doesn't die once. Achieves highest team XP Contribution as well! source

Time2Play – House of Wolves – The Kell of Kells

The Kell of Kells - House of Wolves Quest Follow Skolas as he moves through the Ishtar Sink on Venus Quest Description: Track Skolas and his crew...

Time2Play – Destiny House of Wolves – The Shadow Thief Quest

The Shadow Thief - House of Wolves Quest Hunt down Taniks, the Scarred on the Moon Quest Description: Most Fallen worship machines. It seems the Taniks, with...