How has everyone been!?  It’s been extremely exciting here at the lounge!  Not only was Braz’s birthday Saturday, if you watched last week’s abbreviated Maincast, you saw our surprise!

We broadcasted from our new studio!!!  We usually start the show on Thursday around 8:30 EST, but this show didn’t start until after 11:00.  We don’t have our actual internet connection yet, so we are using L1’s wifi from the spot next door.  Needless to say, there were some hiccups.  Thankfully, I went to school for networking so after fiddling around with equipment we’ve already purchased and some precarious wiring, I got a steady signal into the studio area.  Now we have a working (sorta) network so we can stream content and create videos right here in our new home.  It’s pretty freakin exciting!

We should have our internet here no later than January 15th, but since the provider is actually really excited about a place like 1Life2Play opening, they’re rushing the order for our install and hopefully we’ll have our internet in place this month.

Next step is clearing out the main space of the rest of the stuff that’s lying around and then we can get started on getting the floors and walls finished.  We’re still on pace for having our testing period in a mostly complete spot by February and then opening for the world in April.

Once the holidays have passed, things will be moving much quicker.  We can’t wait to show you more pictures and give you more behind the scenes videos and news.  So many things are happening it’s insane!

From me, Braz, LEM, Doc, Mr. Oop, Nck Jr., and the rest of the 1L2P family, have the best holiday season, have safe travels, don’t do anything too stupid, and definitely don’t get caught!


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