1Life2Play Gaming & eSports Lounge

Coming Soon!

A gaming experience like no other is coming soon to Northeast Ohio! We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been building! For an inside look at the build out process, check out The Opening Cinematic! It’s the blog maintained by our very own N3rdG1rL where you can follow the happening of the project and even after we’re up and running.

What’s this all about? Well, imagine a place where gaming is at the forefront. Whether you’re just curious about the gaming scene, a casual gamer just hanging with friends or that competitive, glory to the victor, hands-down greatest of all time gamer, 1Life2Play Gaming and eSports Lounge is where you will find the latest and greatest in social and competition game play on PC, Console, Retro & tabletop!


It’s all coming together….and soon! We have been working tirelessly to bring the vision of 1Life2Play to…well…LIFE! The good news is we’re almost there! And we couldn’t be more excited than you are to bring Northeast Ohio the best gaming and esports lounge ever!

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Thanks for stopping by! GAME ON!

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