Prepare for Your First Visit

Coming to 1Life2Play is the first easy step and completing our First Time Information Form is the second! You can flip the order of those two by getting the form here! This one-time form allows us to enter you as a user in our system to give you access to any of our consoles, PC’s, stations, and events. Simply select a username, either one you go by already or come up with a new one, fill in some basic information about yourself and let us know what online accounts you have already that you’d like to use in the lounge (no passwords please, just let us no if you have them or not for each online service). You can download the form ahead of time and bring it in with you and get right to gaming!

First Time User Information Form


Usage Agreement

We value our customers and our customers value the equipment we provide, at least we hope so! You can help us make this true by completing our Facility Usage Agreement. Actually, we insist. In order to ensure our equipment and facility provides gamers and guests with the highest quality experience we need you to agree to treat them nicely, appropriately, responsibly, and with respect. Oh, and treat the other guests around you the same. It’s all in the form. You can download it below. Complete, sign, and bring it in with you and you’re that much closer to GAME ON!

Usage Agreement


Off-Site Guardian Form

1Life2Play is a place for gamers of all ages! When it comes to our gamer guest below the age of 18, we ask that a parent or guardian is on-site, however, we understand that’s not always possible. For our gamers age 13-17, we only require an Off-Site Guardian Waiver if they are gaming at 1Life2Play unattended by a parent/guardian. This form also help us understand if you’d like to give consent for your minor to play mature-rated games or not. We thank you for understanding the need for such authorization. If you are not able to accompany the minor (13-17) on the initial visit, complete the form online here.

Off-Site Guardian Waiver (Printable)

the best ways to play!

$35per person
  • A Full Day of Play*
  • Singleplayer access to
    Xbox One, PS4, & PC**
  • Upgrade to Multiplayer
    for only $5 more
  • Pause your time!

* 12 Hours per day
** PC Coming Soon

$35per person starting
  • Access to PlayStation VR
    and HTC Vive VR
  • Access nearly 100 titles
  • All Equipment Provided
  • Save $10 when you
    reserve 2 Hours to VR
$30per hour starting
  • Access to a 120" HD Projector
  • Premium Gaming Space
    for up to 4 people
  • Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo
    Switch and retro access
  • Save $10 when you purchase 2 Hours!


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