As we await the arrival of the one, the only Friday the 13th game. Many questions arise from the grave. After watching the below trailer of the way campers can die was pure satisfaction. It seem to be well over 50 different ways to slaughter your victims.

After watching some footage, that we featured on the show (Episode 801), so many questions popped up and not enough to answers. So, I have done a research and dug up some graves. We are going to figure out what exactly makes this game tick.

The motive of this game was to satisfy all those horrible fans who live to see what Jason will use to kill you. Along with how Jason will kill you. Yes, I am one of those horrible fans. By horrible, I mean the best fans that every existed! The last Friday the 13th game was released over 20 years ago (am I dating myself? Note to self – you’re getting old) where the man Big J was an A.I. and to parallel the insanity he could just pop up out of nowhere and pretty much kill you. The good old days, when you actually had to figure a game out. I mean, the Internet wasn’t even a thing yet.

In this latest entry, Jason Voorhees is a playable character in this sand box style game that takes place at camp crystal lake. You are either Jason or a counselors. You can chose between 5 or 6 to be exact. You’re mean goal is to survive 20 mins or escape the camp ground in some various manners. Seems legit.

Jason has 4 abilities but he is still very much a super villain. He can rage out and burst through doors and even walls if they are weak enough. He can use a mist ability and become very fast. On top of all that, he can teleport (yes, it’s real. Teleport.) to different locations on the map while he pursues you. He also has his signature Sense. Doing this triggers the iconic “ooh oh oh ah ah ah” musical sound effect … I always wondered what the hell that sound effect was. The game portrays the Sense ability as a sort of Echo Location for Jason. The counselors, on the other hand, really don’t have any of that special stuff. They are to sneak around quietly search and unlock items that can save their lives by escaping or buying time.

At the end of the day the game looks very solid. Gamers that are into horror, survival and multiplayer mash-ups should be already sold and patiently waiting for Friday the 13th the game!

We’ll stay on top of the latest! Be sure to check back for more preview coverage as we get closer to release!


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