Welcome to 2018, everyone!  We’re so happy you made it!  2017 was rough for a lot of people, but it looks like a lot of us made it through!

A lot of progress has been made here at the lounge!

My office is blue!  I know, that’s not really relevant to anyone else, but I’m excited and just needed to share.  Fun fact: This is the only blue space in the building!

As a New Year’s present to us here, I purchased a coffee maker.  Since half of us like stupid K-cups and half of us like real coffee (which one am I?) I thought this was the perfect compromise.  Side note, if you copy us and get this machine, NEVER brew it on bold.  It’s like….death…..please, trust me.

Now onto more important things….

Our ceiling in the main space is getting painted.  It’s going to be like you’re in a holodeck!  It looks so sweet, guys!  I must say, this was my idea and I’m really happy it worked out because I DID NOT want a pissy Braz caused by me wanting something a little different.  That should be done Monday as long as the spray gun doesn’t break again.

On top of that construction, our internet is up and running, we have phone line coming in, we have the paint for the studio, and we’re getting shipments constantly of new things to hook up and set up and build and break (we’re trying not to break, but we’re kinda clumsy)!  It’s overwhelming in the best way possible.

Braz has been working his ass off to get some concept art done and OMG it looks AMAZING!  This would be your view if you’re standing next to our cash wrap by the front of the store…and if the ceiling was lost to a tornado.  VIP section to the right, multiplayer and singleplayer to the left, and tabletop gaming and VR in the back.  It’s going to be awesome!


Our first event with our tournament partners Outer Haven eSports is scheduled for April 28th!  Tickets go on sale January 9th and you get them from this link and follow Outer Haven on Facebook.  It will be at 1Life2Play which means we have a lot of work to do between now and then.  A LOT!

Part of getting ready for our Grand Opening is going to be a beta period.  We want to invite our followers to help us out with that.  If you want to help us, fill out this form and as soon as we know more we will let you know.  We are hoping early February to start this.

So much is going on!  Now that we’re back into a rhythm here after the holidays we’ll be posting here more often.

Happy New Year to all of you again, and GAME ON!

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