Well, we just made our big announcement on our Maincast, and oh my god the love has been amazing!  Braz and I cannot convey how much the support means to us!  We are so excited to have you all along for the ride.

Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way….

THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!  Step one is demolition.  Our landlord/mentor (who will be forever now known as L1) happens to also be in construction so he is going to start on that…. well…. technically yesterday.

Yes, its just literally a hole in the wall and some torn up carpet, but that was the first step in seeing what exactly demo is going to take.  Long story short, it could be worse.  The main wall that needs to come down isn’t a fire wall so YAY!!!!!  The carpet isn’t glued down with the worst stuff ever so YAY AGAIN!!!!!

While demolition is taking place, we aren’t allowed to help (insurance, liability, I’m clumsy as hell, etc.) so we’re going to spend our time spending all the money ordering equipment, supplies, maybe some video game related things, and designing what the space is really going to look like.

I can safely say right now, that as far as retro consoles, we already have a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Nintendo 64, a Nintendo Game Cube, a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox, an Xbox 360, a Sega Genesis, and a Sega Dreamcast.  If there is anything we’re currently missing that you really want us to have, or have any games in mind that you would LOVE to play again, let us know.  We are completely open to suggestions!  The sooner we know what you guys want, the more likely we’ll have it when we open.

If you have any questions or suggestions or just want to ramble, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment below!

Back to work for me!  GAME ON!


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