The crew is back together this week and this time, it’s from the New Mancave Studios. 1Life2Play has a full studio now and this is just the beginning. As we give you our regular show including Around the Room and a bit of news here and there, the crew gets a thorough lesson in German amongst other languages. We see how this relates to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Wolfenstein II and Zelda Breath of the Wild. SoulreaverDE in chat kicks off our conversation about how we enjoy, or not enjoy, VR and what games are top on our VR list. A few new titles pop up on our radar and hear what game we’re really stoked about in 2018. Big shout out to SoulreaverDE and JohnnyxRiot in Twitch for keeping the chat going! Thanks for watching everyone! Please share, like and comment! GAME ON — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/1life2play


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