Episode 105 of the MMOs.com weekly podcast! TimeStamps in Description!

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0:30 Weekly Raid Are You Tired Of Old MMORPG Re-Launches?
4:20 Dekaron Discussion
7:50 Conan Exiles Still Only Supports 40 Players
12:19 Great Skill Effects and Visual Cues in MMORPGs
15:49 Ashes of Creation up to 2.7M
19:30 Elder Scrolls Morrowind Discussion
29:30 Black Desert Online Discussion
37:45 Wynncraft Recap (Minecraft MMORPG)
43:39 Caravan Stories and Multiplatform PC and Mobile MMORPGs (The future?)
48:10 Mobile meets PC Mix
56:49 Independance Day Speech defending PC games lol
1:01:00 Astellia from Nexon discussion
1:06:09 East vs West, Games that Embarrass You
1:08:05 Tera Infographic Recap
1:13:40 Unity Raises $400M

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  1. it's my birthday and it's a great day when I get to see a podcast I was wondering could you guys go and do a grindfest of terra online when it gets a realease date for consoles? and possibly do a begginners guide for it help console kiddies like me I've been watching lots of videos about but I enjoy it more if you guys played it again

  2. The ESO expansion or whatever they wanna call it is not only expensive, but was originally supposed to be free to anyone who subs. Pure greed.

    Regarding it being a face roll single player game. The push to make this game an online Skyrim, rather than a mmorpg, is ongoing.

    For me the most interesting part of ESO is the pvp. All the rest is kinda boring.

  3. The thing about us BDO players with an obscene amount of hours (6k in my case) warning other people about it's problems … is not about playtime per $$ concern. I bought it for 30 dollars @ release and never spent another penny b/c I could COMPLETELY ignore its P2W aspects and still earn everything. … but if we write reviews that are full of Warning Flags, It's to add *transparency* b/c Kakao itself has SERIOUS communication & transparency issues (just ask around the forums and you'll see)

  4. So much hate on Auto play lol sigh. You guys played Revelation Online right? The RO dailes were brain dead, required no effort just sitting there for a couple hours. People arent going to grind brain dead dailies like that for example for hours and hours every day on their mobile phones…keyword here..mobile.

    Auto play is basically the answer for that. It allows for the "Grind" but keeps in mind the game is …mobile. DC Legends is a mobile game I play, grinding for mats, all auto. But the newest content (RED Alerts) its near IMPOSSIBLE on auto. I dont see the issue and I wish more people will actually try these so called "auto play" games they hate so much.

  5. cool vid and Caravan Stories looks like valkyrie chronicle x mabinogi graphics combind a bit. also i have high hope fpr peria chronicle too. i truely hope it can be a grand as mabinogi freedom and just have so much to do lol.

  6. Yea Eso was always pretty much a solo game. And a chapter is ok, as t is usually something you develop on over time. Its better then dlc as it comes with a new job. ESO though while good crafting, sucks i can learn a skill but not apply it to armor i ick up. And as it ever since launch wanted to cater to consoles. It limited the action bar or skills you can use at a time. That five to skill skills. So i can learn everything but rarely use any of it. So it has many issues, but is a good story telling online RPG.. I going to try out more shrouds of the avatar. I did order the eso chapter and ffxiv expansion. But I doubt i play either.

  7. Please don't try to advise devs when you have no idea how game development works.

    Seriously comparing the server load of current anarchy online to early access Conan Exiles.

    The game isn't done yet and optimising requires the content to be there to optimise. Allowing players to interfere with game development was the biggest mistake of the last decade SMH

    And the engine isn't making games unoptimised, it's lack of experience from the devs, since it's infinitely easier to get that engine, less skilled devs can make games with them.

  8. While I am not personally excited for Ashes of Creation, there are other game play videos than the ones you mention. They do have a video showing an interesting looking boss encounter. Maybe you meant that when you were talking about it, but you did not mention it specifically.

  9. OR, we can just not spend money on mobile games, and focus on supporting PC games. I have yet to find a mobile game I enjoy, mobile gaming feels more like a novelty, or for those people who just play Facebook games like slots, Candy Crush, etc and don't play any hardcore games.

    Don't get me wrong, mobile games can be good if they include controller support, and they're more than just "kill 10 monsters and go to the next stage".

  10. I wonder if eastern games being released after awhile in the west is a good thing. There isn't that many examples I can think of but tree and savior did have a fast NA release, I wonder if it would have been better if they waited a year just to have more polished gameplay.

  11. Omer you open your mouth way too much! you are a bastard! this developer on the 5:0010:00 minute mark on the article clearly said that its early access after all because they encountered way too many problems! Thats what every developer says because it is logical, stop over-exaggerating