We’re back from our little holiday break and there’s lots of new, if you couldn’t already tell from the title.

We have a new (semi) daily show called Yesterday at Lunch where we cover yesterday’s news and any big news that happened in the morning!  Braz will be hosting that and you can expect to see me popping in and out as well.  You can check out the first episode HERE!

Keep in mind, we still are running off the faily internet so I apologize for it cutting out.  That should be resolved by the end of this week…..I hope, I hope, I hope….

Also we streamed opening our presents from MelissaMariePhoenix which included a box of gamer snacks and the most awesome wall decal EVER (THANK YOU!!!!) and Braz building my new gaming/lounging/yelling/napping chair which is AWESOME!  I actually really recommend it and if you are interested you can grab it for under $140 on Amazon!  #nosponsor

I have a lot more I want to rant about, but it’s really snowing outside so I should probably head out and not die so I can rant more tomorrow!  Speaking of tomorrow, join us for our final Maincast of 2017, OUR SEASON 8 FINALE!!!!

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