Off-Site Guardian Waiver Form

Off-Site Guardian Waiver

1Life2Play is a place for gamers of all ages! When it comes to our gamer guests below the age of 18, we ask that a parent or guardian is on-site, however, we understand that’s not always possible. For our gamers age 13-17, we only require an Off-Site Guardian Waiver if they are gaming at 1Life2Play unattended by a parent/guardian. If you are not able to accompany the minor (13-17) on the initial visit, complete the form below. We will issue equipment to your child gamer(s) under this consent as well and you must also agree to the facility usage agreement on their behalf. No worries, we made it all one form, so this will take care of it all. This form also help us understand if you’d like to give consent for your minor to play mature-rated games or not. We thank you for understanding the need for such authorization.

Parent/Guradian's Information

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Child(ren)'s Information

Enter your child(ren)'s information below. Click the plus sign if you need to add more lines. For more than 5, please submit this form another time with the additional child(ren)'s information.
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You will see the submit button appear below once you have agreed to the above terms by checking the boxes. Thank you!