Welcome to Smash Parmesan presented by 1Life2Play!

This page will serve as the ongoing pre-registration portal for each week. As Smash Parmesan continues, you can also visit here for VOD links, player data analysis, placement summaries, announcements, and more.


Doors at 6:00p Registrstion closes at 6:55, bracket right after.

* If you might be late it is best to pre-register (first and foremost), but you can also contact the lounge by phone at 440-305-5111 to let a T.O. know you’re en route *

$5 Main Singles Bracket Entry | $5 Venue | $2 Side Bracket Entry

Each week features a random side bracket such as Doubles, Squad Strike, Mario Kart, Smash 64, and more! Stay tuned at the end of each week’s stream for the reveal of the next Side Bracket event.

Pizza will be provided to all paid attendees. We ask that you be courtesy and respect the 3 slice limit. We will schedule delivery for around 8:15p to get a final count of all attendees and as not to delay bracket start.

WE NEED SETUPS! Check out the setup discounts here:

  • $2 off if you bring a Switch, Dock, GC Adapter, AC adapter, and copy of Smash.
  • $4 off if you bring all of the above with an HDMi cord and Monitor.
  • You will be reimbursed only if your setup is used, but we ask that you please bring if you can just to be sure we have enough.

Please bring a controller. If you forget, we have a few for use at the counter. Just provide a government or school issued ID and you’re all set. There will be a desync station provide for pro-controller players.

*Later this year, 1Life2Play’s stream will be integrated with the MetaScouter analysis process to provide live performance date of stream matches and even more in-depth analysis provided through VOD processing of offline matches. This process is in beta, but we feel it will be a strong addition to the quality of our stream and overall Smash Ultimate experience. We hope you enjoy!


1st Cosmos

Featured Match Grand Finals

2nd Toast

Featured Match Losers Final

3rd VNG Colinies

Featured Match Losers Quarters

4th AF | GA Mindset

Featured Match Losers Semis

5th Psykod

Featured VOD - Losers Round 6

5th Lucina

Featured Match Losers Round 7

7th Midnight

Featured Match Winners Quarters

7th Infiknight

Featured Match Winners Quarters

1st VNG Colinies

Featured Match Grand Finals

2nd 1L2P Kamui

Featured Match Winners Semis

3rd Cilvanis

Featured Match Winners Quarters

4th 1L2P Lumberjack Rakon

Featured Match Losers Semis

5th 4SGP Frawg

Featured VOD - Winners Rd 4

5th 1L2P Abyss

Featured Match Winners Rd 4

7th Astraea

Featured Match Winners Quarters

7th Nhan

Featured Match Grand Finals

1L2P Abyss

Featured Match
Grand Finals

1L2P Kamui

Featured Match
Losers Finals


Featured Match
Winners Finals

UR DuckDuckPony

Featured Match
Winners Semis





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