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Speak out against SOPA! – 1Life2Play 1-5-12 Episode

Spanish and Luigi Eats Mushrooms takes the reigns for the first episode of 2012, along side Link and Verlane. We talk the ins and out of the Stop Online Piracy Act, and why it is just plain unconstitutional. Yes we may get a bit political, but a Mario Kart challenge will bring us right back to reality. And a Weekly…

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Episode  30 – The Evolution

Season 1 Finale! LIVE review of Resistance 3. What score did the latest entry in the series get? Find out what the gang has been up to this past week, notably why Larry has put Warcraft on the back burner lately. Louie continues to relish in his victory last week over Link in Madden ’12. The gang shares what they…

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1Life2Play Episode 28

This week on the show: The cast catches up on what they’ve been playing over the past couple weeks. Larry expresses his “anticipation aggravation” and Spanish finds a happy place in the song “I Want My MTV”. New look characters make a couple of appearances on the show as we check out some trailers in the Mod Report of the…

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