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Time2Play God of War Ascension #9 – Going Batty Pt. 1 [Let’s Play]

Riding a snake on the way to some crazy bat thing! Heading to the Tower of Delphi. Who know what we will find within! Camera angles are still awesome! God of War Ascension Let’s Play part 1 God of War Ascension playthrough part 1 God of War Ascension Walkthrough part 1 mission 1 God of War Ascension gameplay Walkthrough part…

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Time2Play God of War Ascension #7 – Puzzle Time [Let’s Play]

It’s time to play God of War Ascension and in the episode, we encounter our first true puzzle. It took a while to figure out that it wasn’t as hard as it looked, but let’s see how long it takes to get through it. Stay tuned for next episode when we come face to face with the Medusa Serpent! God…

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Time2Play God of War Ascension #8 – Medusa Serpent Fight

So Braz made it through the mini puzzle and is now on his way to confront the Medusa-like Serpent in Episode 8 of our Let’s Play God of War Ascension! It’s a short one, but still fun! Continue to watch as we play through some more God of War Ascensions on PlayStation 3! God of War Ascension Let’s Play part…

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Time2Play – God of War Ascension #4 – Broken Bonds [Let's Play]

Braz plays God of War Ascension. Plunge into the sewers and continue the start of another amazing journey with Kratos in Episode 3 of our Time2Play with God of War Ascension. Producer: BRAZ Follow Braz on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LarryBraz Subscribe to 1Life2Play: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c… Want Real Subscribers? http://full.sc/12RuSqN Like 1Life2Play on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/1life2play Follow 1Life2Play on Twitter: Tweets by 1Life2Play Visit 1Life2Play…

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Tribute to the Life of Gerald A Lawson

Gerald A. Lawson is the designer and mind behind the modern day video games cartridge. he was responsible for making the first cartridge along with the first consumer-available home video game console, the Fairchild Video Entertainment System, also known as the Fairchild Channel F System. Gerald Lawson passed on April 11, 2011. 1Life2Play salutes Gerald Lawson and all his accomplishments.…

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