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Nintendo Direct 9-13-17 Impressions

Doc and Braz sit down to discuss their thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct from September 13, 2017. Kirby gets a surprise buy-in from Braz, we get to check out Project Octopath Traveler and some more Mario Odyssey in our Latest Trailers and find out why Bethesda has made Doc’s year! Don’t forget to stick around for our WTF from…

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Rad Rodgers – World One Gameplay (3-min Gaming [3MG])

Rad Rodgers is here with some straight out of the 90s-style gameplay! The type of gameplay I remember from back when I’d go to the public library, sign up to use one of the only 4 computers and play Apogee games until the place closed. The constant type of the space bar to make the jump, clicking of the mouse…

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Time2Play: Song of the Deep [Part 2]

Here’s part 2 of our Time2Play with Song of the Deep on Xbox One. Sorry for the audio issues, we are consolidating parts of our first 2 1/2 hours of the playthrough so we can get them published. After Part 7, the audio issue should be corrected. Please continue to watch and share. Leave us a comment and be sure…

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