It’s not a game
it’s reality!

Imagine a place where gaming is at the forefront. Whether you’re just curious about the gaming scene, a casual gamer just hanging with friends or that competitive, glory to the victor, hands-down greatest of all time gamer, 1Life2Play Gaming and eSports Lounge is where you will find the latest and greatest in social and competition game play on PC, Console, Retro & tabletop!

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$35per person
  • A Full Day of Play*
  • Singleplayer access to
    Xbox One, PS4, & PC
  • Upgrade to Multiplayer
    for only $5 more
  • Pause your time!

* 12 Hours per day

$35per person starting
  • Access to PlayStation VR
    and HTC Vive VR
  • Access nearly 100 titles
  • All Equipment Provided
  • Save $10 when you
    reserve 2 Hours to VR
$30per hour starting
  • Access to a 120" HD Projector
  • Premium Gaming Space
    for up to 4 people
  • Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo
    Switch and retro access
  • Save $10 when you purchase 2 Hours!

FIRST STRIKE: Soulcalibur Tournament

October 13th
Win copies of the game! Plus, pot bonuses and more prizes all day!
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Weekly Events


We have many weekly events for avid gamers to show off their skills, learn new games, share strategies and win cash and other prizes! Play weekly tournaments in games like Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, League of Legends and more!

Discount Days


In addition to our limited time offers, we have ongoing discount days for all ages and gamers! There’s Fortnite Junior for younger Fortnite players, Non-Stop Co-op for multiplayer gamers, Warzone for avid FPS players, and much more!