1Life2Play eSports Sign Wil “Unre3l” Dimas as Team President

February 12, 2019

1Life2Play is pleased to introduce our newly minted President and CEO of eSports Relations: Wil “Unre3l” Dimas, who will join the 1L2P Team and lead the charge as we enter the realm of eSports with our soon to be announced teams. Unre3l is a veteran of the eSports scene, spending time as a pro player and eventually himself in the ranks of management. Following his career as a pro player in games such as Call of Duty and, later, Heroes of the Storm, Unre3l went on to work with community and brand teams such as FraggedNation, JusTus Pro, and Kelevra Gaming. He later had the opportunity to help begin one of the biggest names in eSports to this day, Noble Esports. At Noble, Unre3l lead the PC division including pro player management, coaching, and professional development. He remains a member of the Noble Stream team on Twitch through their professional player partnership program.

At 1Life2Play, Unre3l plans to bring his continued vision of what makes eSports teams great – player involvement. With experience as a player, coach, manager, and director, Dimas looks to help 1L2P be that driving force in the industry to demonstrate player integrity, team respect, and consumer recognition on a high level. “I know Esports are about competition, but is impressively growing as a big part of our life style as gamers/players and I plan to do whatever I can within my experience in the gaming industry and the best of my knowledge as a pro-gamer, game analyst/coach and manager to bring a reinvention of the way the mainstream perceives our people and social communities,” says Dimas.

“We are excited to have Unre3l on our team. We see bringing a professional of his caliber on board similar to those big name player signings we plan on doing. Every part of our organization is important and to start with such great leadership and experience at the top is awesome for us,” Larry Brazil, Founder/COO of 1Life2Play Gaming & eSports Lounge, the parent company of the eSports Team.

Unre3l continues to run his Twitch Stream Team, Epic Rivals (twitch.tv/team/epicrivals), and will be bringing the Twitch Partners and Affiliates of that group into a complete partnership with 1Life2Play eSports. More news on that at a later date. Get more news and announcements regarding the 1Life2Play eSports teams, players, and events on Twitter @1Life2PlayGG and at 1life2play.com/gg


About 1Life2Play Gaming & eSports: Opened in April 2018, 1Life2Play aims to be the premier gaming and eSports Lounge in the mid-west. Founded by Larry Brazil and Kari Pontieri, we pride ourselves in creating a venue that encompasses fun, excitement, competition, learning, and play in a safe and socially-charged environment through great customer experiences and high-end technology. At 1Life2Play, you, family, friends, and rivals can enjoy high-end gaming on next-gen and retro consoles, PCs, a room-scale VR station, or bring your own device. All connected to high-speed fiber internet and amazing displays including 4K UHD TVs and huge projection screens to show off a selection of over 300 game titles! Find out more about 1Life2Play on Facebook or Twitter (@1Life2Play) or at 1life2play.com

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