****ATTENTION***: We apologize about the syncing and quality issues of this video. When we streamed the show live, we had many issues with Twitch.tv servers that night and it reflected in the broadcast. We tried as best we could to get the audio synced right and at moments, it’s good, but with dropped frames and server lag, we couldn’t reach our usual pinnacle of production greatness! We will get better, and have taken measures to prevent this situation in the future. 🙂

Originally broadcasted on March 21, 2013 on twitch.tv/1life2play

P-90 is still trying to pull Braz into a game of ballon popping fun in Bloons, which is available on all devices now, but Braz may be spending too much time with some other hot titles. Find out what’s going on in the Mancave Studios during the Around the Room.

We also get to video chat with Joe Ybarra of Joe Got Game and talk with him about their current Kickstarter project Shackleton Crater. It’s a city-builder set on the Moon, with turn-based strategy and co-op elements. He gives a lot of information on the game and the plans for such a grand undertaking. They are still running the Kickstarter Campaign and there are many interesting and exciting rewards available, so head over and check it out on Kickstarter after you finish watching the show!

We also give some of our thoughts on the next Xbox console and believe we may have cracked the case and explain exactly what will be (and what won’t be) in the next generation console for Microsoft.

Shackleton Crater Kickstarter:

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