On this episode of 1Life2Play LIVE the crew discusses the server woes EA and Maxis is experiencing with the release of SIMCity and how they are attempting to stop the bleeding. If you’re not sold on SIMCity just yet, either, the hosts give you a few alternative to check out if you still need to scratch that city building itch! Later, we breakdown the Bioshock Infinite story as told by the recently released soundtrack listing. Did they really give the story away? Is Infinite just one epic Musical? Find out how close we come to the actual story! Plus, we give you a FREE GAME CODE within the show. Watch to find out if the Missing Character in the Code mini-game is still available and see if you can win a free copy of Aliens Need Burgers on iOS.

All that, plus the usually Around the Room, a hint at what will be in next week’s Retro Watch, plus good ol’ Preview Time! It’s all here on 1Life2Play! GAME ON!!!

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