Want to play those side brackets without having to sit in some dark corner being over shadowed by the big boys? Now is your chance!

1Life2Play presents Shodown at Side Splitters


Samurai Shodown
Street Fighter IV
Power Ranger
King of Fighters XIII

Side Splitters is our shoutout to versus classics, new and old! Featuring Samurai Shodown, we invite you to throw down in some of the best fighting game titles that pushed you to choose a side! And, with that, you get to choose from 4 additional side brackets. But, don’t consider them sides, because you can still show up to reign supreme in YOUR game or all of them!


$5 Venue
$5 Brackets

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  • Hectkr Bendfeldt
    January 26, 2020 10:03 pm

    Is this in ohio?

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