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This or That: Salami

Jatt and Kobe return for This or That, the show where the slides are made up and the points don’t matter. Each week they’ll be back with fresh slides (which they’ve never seen) and will argue whether it’s “This” or “That”. source

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TIME2PLAY: The VoliBear Top lane

I pretty much crush my adversaries in the brawler match up in League of Legends Thanks for following, subscribing and being involved in what we If you have epic moments you’d like to share with us and get a SHOUTOUT in future “2-AWesome Minutes” videos of EPIC CoD AW gameplay, send us a message on Youtube or Twitter @1Life2Play. Producer:…

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Well, The Dawning is over! Although I didn’t get to do everything it had to offer (SRL was missed by choice), I won’t necessarily miss it. I’ll admit it did help me boost from level 300 to 350 in short work, but trying to remember to login in daily for gift pickups with more than what I needed. It would…

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