Well, The Dawning is over! Although I didn’t get to do everything it had to offer (SRL was missed by choice), I won’t necessarily miss it. I’ll admit it did help me boost from level 300 to 350 in short work, but trying to remember to login in daily for gift pickups with more than what I needed. It would…

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Time2Play Destiny The Taken King – The First Hour

Braz dives into Destiny: The Taken King right at launch and plays the opening missons, after running around for a reintroduction to the Tower first. Braz takes his Warlock to embark on the first couple of missions in the new expansion and continues on to earn the power of The Stormcaller, the new subclass for the warlock.

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Destiny Weekly Heroic Strike SOLO! Summoning Pits

Poor Braz has no friends one night to play the Weekly Heroic Strike with so decides go it alone! Solo-Time2Play! This is the Weekly Heroic Strike Ocean of Storms, Moon (Summoning Pits) with Heroic Modifier and Angry Modifier http://www.bungie.net/en/Legend/PGCR/2/4611686018433285669/2305843009215190156/153164826?_ — Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/1life2play

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