The Maincast Crew Plays!

Doc Hawkman, N3rdG1rL and Braz sit down for a round of Jeopardy! and later some Wheel of Fortune. Who will be the victor! source

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Destiny Dailies – Iron Banner Returns and 2000 Silver Giveway!

We’re giving away 2000 Silver for Destiny on the console of your choice! Just watch to see how you can win it! The Iron Banner is back and Braz leaps into his first match! Does he pull out the victory? There have been a few major changes to how this Iron Banner event is going down. Let’s review them so…

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Destiny Dailies – A Visit to Xur and Some Crucible

Braz jumps back on Destiny 2 servers, even though baboon keeps kicking him, to go visit Xur in the EDZ. What does he have in store for our warlock this week? After that, let’s get into some Crucible matches and finish those milestones! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/1life2play source

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