We’re going to streamline and trim down things a bit over the next few weeks. Our goal is to provide you with a much more feature rich site that you can call home.

Our plans are as follows:
•Go back to doing a much more casual, laidback live show on Thursdays that will include gaming, chat and feature user/viewer submissions and comments
•Driving more engagement on Twitter and Facebook though polls and a user submission initiative.
•Producing original video content on a daily basis. We will have Quick Looks, Previews, Review Capsules, News and general blogs/rants
•We will beef up the access and usability of our forums to provide you with a place to chat about the show, games, news, tech and more
•A dedicated area for 2 of the tops games WE play; Destiny and League of Legends. We will create hubs for dedicated players to share their experiences in each game and a place to find the latest news, updates and tips.

It will be a new direction for us here at 1Life2Play, one that we believe is in the best interest of the future of our site and for you as a member of our community. We will be listening first and foremost which is why we want you to get involved. We are continuing to look for more individuals who want to be a part of a 1Life2Play on contributing basis to help us reach this vision. We encourage you to stay a part of 1Life2Play by watching, sharing and commenting on what we are doing.

Our ultimate goal is to make this site one that is a go-to locale for gaming discussion and gaming together. We have many more things planned for the future, but this needs to happen first and now so we can sustain the growth we have experienced over the years. We hope you like the changes and remain a 1Lifer! Always remember, we love to hear from you. Send us a message on Twitter or Facebook! You can also comment here on the site and on our YouTube channel! See you in game! GAME ON!

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