The latest episode of the podcast is here. Braz is joined by Tony Hannides, Editor-in-Chief of LazyTechGuys.com (LazyTechTV on Youtube). There’s quite a bit of news to discuss and we kick off with our customary Around The Room. Braz got a new phone, the LG G4, and gives his thought on the flagship handset plus what he’s been playing on it. Tony and Braz discuss the history of the Batman franchise and why the latest entry has a few things to be desired. Tony has been playing around the HTC R3 camera and gives his impressions on the device. Next we jump into tech news and have an in-depth conversation on the happenings at Reddit with the recent ousting of Victoria from the iAMA scene. What will the future hold for Reddit, users and moderators. Some changes are coming to Instagram and we tackle that from a creators viewpoint. Microsoft rounds out the tech segment and live listener, Brand has some thoughts on what Xbox Music should be. In gaming news, we spill our objections to what Shenmue 3 is doing to the gaming culture when it comes to Kickstarter and close out with a couple ports, expansions, and mods coming to consoles and PCs near you. And if you’re intrigued by the whole Console vs. PC war, then we of course get into a little of that to before we head out. All that before we lay down the 8 Commandments of Group Texting!

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