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Our experienced staff know how to throw the ultimate gaming party! Let us prove it to you. Simply begin the process with our convenient form below and a Party Planner will follow up to confirm your date, go over any small details, and get right to work to creating your Ultimate Gaming Party. Be the hero - plan to game at 1Life2Play!

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Party Ideas


Birthday Parties

Win "Mom of the Year" and bring your kid's party to 1Life2Play for the best group gaming experience in town! Each gamer gets their own gaming station with access to consoles and a PC! Plus, the private party room is equipped with a 75" 4K TV for co-op gaming and more.


Team Building

Need something new for your team to do? Need to build some comradery amongst your workforce? Bring them to 1Life2Play and let our gaming experts guide your group through challenges and cooperative experiences that are sure to encourage teamwork!


Group Meetings

Use our private party room (or our half venue option) to host team/group meetings for your work, club, or hobby. While you meet, let the little ones play, or best yet, play when work is done! Our PCs aren't just for gaming - get some work done and have fun after!


Tournament Action

Got a group of gamers looking to get competitive? 1Life2Play offers Squad Play and Bracket Add-ons for our party-goers. Let our game experts know you're interested in running a bracket during your party and we can provide the T.O. for you so you can enjoy the games in style!

two option to choose from

Private Party ROOM

What's included (Starting at $299):

  • Accommodates up to 16 gamers
  • 6 Stations with an MSI Gaming PC & PS4
  • 6 Stations with an MSI Gaming PC & Xbox One S
  • Multiplayer Station with Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One S
  • Access to hundreds of game titles
  • Half-Venue Option

    What's included (starting at $499):

  • Accommodates up to 40 gamers
  • Everything included in the Private Party Room Option (including the room!)
  • All access to your choice of:
      The PC Pit with 24 single-player HP Omen Gaming PCs
      Casual & Multuplayer Area with 12 single-player console stations and 4 multiplayer stations

  • Party Planner

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    How long do you want your party to game?
    Minimum time for party reservations is 2 hours.
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    Let's find the best space in the lounge for your party!
    Our party room accommodates up to 16 gamers, while our half venue rental rates accommodate a group of up to 40 gamers. See below for what's available in each!
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    How many gamers will be in your group?
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    How many gamers will be in your group?
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    Select your added activities and areas
    Gain more access to the facility or add more to do for your party! Each addon is $25 per hour.
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    How many hours of Bracket Play would you like to add?
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    How many hours of Virtual Reality would you like to add?
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    How many hours of VIP Area Time would you like to add?
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    How many hours of Team Building would you like to add?
    Our Event Planners will be in touch with you to go over our many option of game-related team building activities.
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    Let us know what games we can have ready for your party
    Here's a sample of our most popular games. If one that you want available is not below, just tell us in the additional info field at the end.
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    Select your invitations
    Invitations are available digitally or printed. We'll get all the details such as rsvp contact info, special guest's name, etc, once we confirm your reservation.
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    Catering options available
    We can pair you with our wonderful catering partners to help keep your party fueled for gaming! Just let us know what you may be interested in and we'll get you the info based on your party details. Pricing is not included in our total and is provided from the restaurant of your choice. You can select multiple, too.
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    How many people would you need catering for?
    This does not necessarily the same number of gamers. Keep in mind parents and other guests that may attend your party.
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    Ask us any questions or provide additional info here...
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    For your convenience, we provide a running total of your party options here. In order to reserve your party date, a 50% deposit is due. All parties must be paid in full 14 days prior to your event date. Cancellations within 7 days of event date will forfeit deposit amount, within 7-14 days of event date will be refunded 50% of deposit amount, and prior to 14 days of event will be issued full refund of deposit.

    See more info regarding room rental below.
    Deposit due to reserve date:
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    things to know

    Venue Access -

    Hosts will have access to the reserved area 30 minutes prior to the event’s scheduled start time. Guests will not be allowed into the reserved area prior to the event’s scheduled start time. All event attendees must leave the reserved area no later than 30 minutes after the events’ scheduled end time.

    Cleanup -

    Hosts are expected to place all trash and debris inside designated receptacles prior to vacating the reserved area. Failure to do so will result in an added cleaning charge of $100.

    Decorations -

    Hosts may bring decorations as they see fit, with the following restrictions:

  • No decorations may be pinned or nailed to any surface.
  • No flames aside from candles on birthday desserts. This includes sparklers, fireworks, firecrackers, and any other incendiary devices.
  • No glitter, slime, or confetti.
  • Additional Guests -

    This event contract’s pricing is based on the number of guests who attend the event. If this number exceeds the amount shown on the first page of the contract, added per-guest fees will apply pursuant to current event pricing (available upon request).

    Guest Conduct -

    All guests must wear masks while inside 1Life2Play regardless of age. All guests playing must be ages eight (8) or older. All guests are expected to behave responsibly always. Children aged 17 and under must always be supervised by an adult. 1Life2Play will issue a single warning for unruly conduct prior to asking guests to leave the premises.

    Food & Drink -

    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited outside the private event room unless catered by a vendor with a D-5 or D-6 liquor license allowed to operate in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. You may bring food and beverages to serve during the event and store them in our event room. There is a small refrigerator and a cooler available for your use.

    Liability -

    While hosting your party/group/event at 1Life2Play, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless 1Life2Play and its employees for any damages, loss, or injury that may occur. Should 1Life2Play property be lost or damaged due to the activities of any of your event’s attendees, you agree to reimburse 1Life2Play for replacement or repair of said property at 1Life2Play’s recoverable cost.


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