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If you are 12 or younger, you must be accompanied by a person 18 or older at all times.  Your group must have at least one 18-year-old, or older, per four 12 and under kids.  All equipment will be held under the government issued ID of the adult.
If you are 13 to 17, you must be accompanied by 18 or older person at all times unless an Offsite Guardian form is completed by the LEGAL GUARDIAN while in the lounge.  Your group must have at least one 18-year-old, or older, per four 13 to 17-year-olds that do not have the Offsite Guardian form completed.  All equipment will be held under the player’s school or government issued ID.
Please visit our FAQs section if you have other questions, or give us a ring.

The Lounge

The Lounge Is Open

You choose how you play over 600 video games from our next-gen, retro, and VR library. Play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PS4 in a single-player setting, on a multiplayer couch setup with a 65″ 4K TV! VIP Projector, VR, Squad Play, and Tabletop areas are also available!



Throw the utimate video game party and invite all your friends! Every gamer will have their own single-player stations, access to multiplayer, and a private party room! VR is available for your party, too! Just use our simple, online Party Planner tool and we’ll handle the rest!

Watch & Play eSports


No matter the game, we show all the eSports action from around the world on our TV and projection screens constantly! Never miss a minute of the action and enjoy the excitement of eSports in our comfortable lounge atmosphere. You can also compete in our in-house weekly, monthly, and regional events. We host tournaments from many major tournament organizer, too! Your can see all our events on our handy calendar or follow us on social media for all the updates!



Beginning March 6th
Get ready to battle in this weekly FGC event!All FGC titles are up for bracket Friday nights! Come on out with the community and enjoy head-to-head competitive play, lab sessions, casual games, and streaming!
$5 Venue, $5 Brackets
FROM JUST $299.00 for 2 HRS
are you ready for

the Ultimate Gaming Party?

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$35per person
  • A Full Day of Play*
  • Singleplayer access to
    Xbox One, PS4, & PC
  • Upgrade to Multiplayer
    for only $5 more
  • Pause your time!

* 12 Hours per day

$35per person starting
  • Access to PlayStation VR
    and HTC Vive VR
  • Access nearly 100 titles
  • All Equipment Provided
  • Save $10 when you
    reserve 2 Hours to VR
$30per hour starting
  • Access to a 120" HD Projector
  • Premium Gaming Space
    for up to 6 people
  • Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo
    Switch and retro access
  • Save $10 when you purchase 2 Hours!


Weekly Events


We have many weekly events for avid gamers to show off their skills, learn new games, share strategies and win cash and other prizes! Play weekly tournaments in games like Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, League of Legends and more!

Discount Days


In addition to our limited time offers, we have ongoing discount days for all ages and gamers!