GelBeat - Fuel-Tron Glowing Charging Cable USB Type-C to Type-C


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SKU 100314 Category


This charging cable visualizes the flow of electricity to your smartphone, it’s unique in the sense that it glows when you connect into any kind of smartphone. Embedded with a series of newly developed EL Glowing fibers (electroluminescent), 360° glow charging current runs from your charger, PC, or any kind of USB charging port. The glowing effect moves in sync through the cord showing the charging speed — the higher the current, the quicker light passes through the wire. It’s the future! Cold light technology in use with ultra-low energy.

Made from rugged fiber wire with soft gel outer to weather years of use with extreme durability. Supports fast charging speeds up to 2.4 amp and equipped with universal USB technology which transfers data transmission at speeds up to 480Mb/s in both directions.

Now, get the cool glow effect and see how quickly your phone is juicing up without having to reach for it. It’s especially convenient at night, eliminating the trouble of finding your charging phone in the dark

Smart Glows 360° charging designs
Embedded with a series of newly developed EL Glowing fibers, indicates your charging level status with cool glowing effect no matter the angle or direction.

Super-fast intelligence charging system
Build-in an intelligence charging chipset, detecting your smartphones power status, and rapidly distributing power at up to 2.4amp and providing 480Mb/s data transfer speed with the most accelerated current power flow to your device

Cold Lights Ultra-low energy consumption with Safety protection
Automatically shut off when fully charged. Latest Cold Light Technology in use with ultra-low power consumption, ensuring zero-charging damage

Extreme durable with soft flexibility movement
Made from rugged fiber wire with soft gel outer to weather years of use. Extreme durability tangle-resistant and reinforced stress points with ultra-long-lasting lifespan

Universe Compatibility with most Smartphones
Designed in both Lightning and latest USB charging standard, compatible with most of smartphones in the market with no pop-up warnings when charging


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