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1Life2Play Maincast Ep. 830 – 66 Percent for a Hundred

Show starts at 16:30, click here to jump. Episode 830 for Sept 7th 2017 66% of the crew is in to give you 100% show! We kick it off with Around the Room where Braz is still playing Mass Effect, Mr_OOP still played LoL, N3rdG1rl continues to hang in the wonderful world of Miitopia and LEM doesn’t know what games…

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1Life2Play Reacts to Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer – The Next BIG MMO?

After the crew sees the latest Destiny 2 gameplay trailer, they gives their impressions on what the next entry in the series could hold for players. The discussion leads to us questioning, does Destiny have the legs of a true MMO? Listen in on the conversation and leave your thoughts on the trailer below! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/1life2play source

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