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Time2Play – House of Wolves – The Kell of Kells

The Kell of Kells – House of Wolves Quest Follow Skolas as he moves through the Ishtar Sink on Venus Quest Description: Track Skolas and his crew of Wolves along the Ishtar Cliffs Braz completes the quick single player story quest in order to move along and conclude the House of Wolves main story line and gain access to the…

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Time2Play – Destiny House of Wolves – The Shadow Thief Quest

The Shadow Thief – House of Wolves Quest Hunt down Taniks, the Scarred on the Moon Quest Description: Most Fallen worship machines. It seems the Taniks, with his ritualistic surgeries and implants, wishes to be one. The ruthless Fallen mercenary commanding the Wolfship Kaliks-Syn has been spotted near the Moon. Board the Ketch and and the reign of Taniks, the…

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