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1Life2Play LIVE! Maincast Ep. 804 Pt. 2

After sound delays (check our BTS videos later in the season) we get back to the discussion. We’re back up and running in the middle of OOP and Doc attempting to get through the history of Call of Duty and somehow finishing with Battlefield 1. Once Braz returns from sound check, we get to our main topic; Why are zombies…

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1Life2Play LIVE! Maincast Ep. 804 pt. 1

The crew is back together for Episode 804! In this first hour we get through our Around the Room for the week, breakdown our feelings on Resident Evil 7, and we may finally the last of Final Fantasy XV from Dave. It’s Braz, Mr. OOP, Dave the Doc and LEM with another look at gaming like no other! Thanks for…

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Overwatch Quick Play Matches with Braz

Braz levels up as he finally begins to tackle Quick Play matches after spending most of his time in A.I. Battles. Still playing mostly as Mercy, watch as he get his ass handed to him on many occassions but comes out on top in a few. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/1life2play source

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Time2Play The Division – Mission Completion

Braz tackles another mission in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Sitting at level 22 currently, still trying to make it to 30 and then spend some more time in the Dark Zone. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/1life2play source

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1Life2Play LIVE! w/ Guest Host Ed Smith – Top 5 Gaming Laptops

We’re joined by Ed Smith (@TheKiltedCoder), developer on Zombied for iOS. Watch for details on the release date and an exclusive reveal of the latest gameplay video! Plus we talk Top 5 Gaming Laptops — www.twitch.tv/1life2play/c/2597955&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=1life2play&utm_medium=youtube

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