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1 – Random Ban: Smash Ultimate Podcast

Random Ban is a bi-weekly podcast of a group of 3 friends and someone who just follows them around, but they all play Super Smash Bros. CDev, RuNr, and Shippy are you regular host and always joined by other community players from NEO Smash. In this debut episode of Random Ban, the crew recaps the Allmid PiViP Qualifier 2 that…

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1Life2Play Maincast Episode 905

Episode 905, Braz, N3rdg1rl, and Doc Hawkman talk about Civilization 6, Monster Hunter World, and Hatsune Miku Project Diva X. A bunch of mobile games talk as Tekken and Final Fantasy make their way to mobile devices and a slew of new games such as NotMyCar, God of War, and the sad news that Gigantic is shutting its doors (if…

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Maincast Episode 904 – “The Fusion Dance” (the part that matters)

After a few tech difficulties during the intro… We start Around the Room with N3rdg1rL and get our weekly update of Civ 6 and the teaser to the return of RNG later this weekend. Doc Hawkman drops his beta impressions of Metal Gear Survive, fun with Dissidia NT and busts out some legendary moves from DDR Max. Braz tells about…

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Maincast Episode 902 – “What’s Your Style?”

The crew runs through Around the Room and takes comments from the chat room. In news we talk a bit Nintendo Switch and the Direct Mini that went down, a possible Mario movie, and microtransactions in EA’s next game. We end the show with a quick run through of games that failed, but need a sequel. Thanks for watching! For…

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The Maincast Crew Plays!

Doc Hawkman, N3rdG1rL and Braz sit down for a round of Jeopardy! and later some Wheel of Fortune. Who will be the victor! source

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1Life2Play Maincast Ep. 830 – 66 Percent for a Hundred

Show starts at 16:30, click here to jump. Episode 830 for Sept 7th 2017 66% of the crew is in to give you 100% show! We kick it off with Around the Room where Braz is still playing Mass Effect, Mr_OOP still played LoL, N3rdG1rl continues to hang in the wonderful world of Miitopia and LEM doesn’t know what games…

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